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If You Need To Get Your Data Back, 2 Of The Worst Things You Can Do Are:


Keep Using The Computer (Covered On The Data Page).


Letting People Who Don't Have Data Recovery Experience Work On Your Drive, Such As Your Neighbour Or The Tech Guy/Gal At Work.

Before You Hand Over Your Drive To Someone To Try To Recover Your Data, Ask Them Two Questions To Judge Their Level Of Expertise, And The Odds Of Them Recovering Your Data, Or Making Things Worse:


What Is Your Favorite Diagnostic Recovery Tool?


Technically, There Is No Right Answer To This Question**, But It Shouldn't Take A Recovery Tech More Than A Couple Of Seconds To Answer.


What Is The First Step You Are Going To Take, To Attempt To Recover My Data?


Clone Your Drive! True Data Recovery Experts Work From A Copy Of Your Drive - And We Use A Second Drive To Run The Software To Clone Your Drive To A Third Drive! We Never - Ever Work Directly On The Drive Needing Recovery!!

** In Fact, There Are Many Tools And Types Of Tools, But A Genuine Data Recovery Tech Will Have A Preferred Tool To Try To Initially Diagnose Or Effect Recovery, And Move On To Other Tools If Necessary.