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Organizations From Time To Time Will Experience The Catastrophic Loss Of Priceless Data From Either User Error Or Hardware Failure. Whether It's The Company Database Or The Financial Statement For The Past 5 Years, The Data Has To Be Recovered. There Is A Very Long List Of Potential Data Disasters, Including Software Incompatibilities, Human Errors, Viruses, Vandalism, Sabotage, Power Issues, Use In Excess Of Life Expectancy, And Other Disasters. More Info On Data Recovery Click Here.

Software Failures Still Account For Nearly Three-Fourths Of All Business Interruptions And Data Losses. In An Environment Where Time Controls The Primary Asset Of A Business (Be It Profit, Reputation, Image, Etc.), Data Recovery And Disaster Planning Is A Central Part Of Any Forward-Thinking System Management Plan. Since 1998, Andy's PC Help! Has Helped Hundreds Of People Recover Data From Their Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Optical Disks, Flash Sticks, etc., And Tallied The Most Common Cause(s) Of Data Loss: