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Andy's PC Help! Toronto Businesses Using CRM And Strategic Database Marketing Part II

CRM Services Include:

-Consulting On How To Most Effectively Produce An In House Customer Database Or Targeting And Profiling External Prospect Database For New Account Acquisition.

-Statistical Analysis And Data Mining Using The Latest In Statistical Software Packages And Relation Database Analytics Techniques To Reveal Hidden Trends And Patterns Contained In Customer Data. (SAS, SPSS, OLAP, Multidimensional Data Cubes, SQL)

-Customer Behavioral Profiling And Segmentation To Increase Cross-Sell, Up-Sell And Reactivation And Retention Rate Opportunities Of Products Targeted Directly To A Customer's Needs.

-Marketing Campaign Return On Investment (ROI) Optimization And Profitability Maximization Analysis That Reveals The Success Of Database Marketing Campaigns.

-RFM (Recency, Frequency And Monetary Value) Analysis Of Customer Database To Target Best Customers That Helps To Maximize Revenue And Reduce Valuable Costs Implementing Marketing Campaigns.

-Socio Demographic Profiling Or Scoring Using External (Statistics Canada) Data To Learn Further About Predicting Customer Behavior.