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Andy's DB Help! Provides Toronto And GTA Businesses With The Following Computer And Data Services:

+ Data: data recovery & disaster planning of your database and other important data.

+ Analysis: CRM, business & marketing analysis, large data conversions.

+ Networking: database and other info over lan, wan, intranet, internet.

+ Build Your Custom Databases: drowning in info and data?

+ Current Database Applications: prebuilt database applications to buy or by subscription.

+ Upsizing Microsoft Access To MS SQL Server: reasons to move MS Access, up.

All of the above services may seem varied, but actually all revolve around the concept of Business Databases - Data and Info at your Fingertips!

Originally, databases were seen as a way to save time and increase productivity, by being able to enter, store, and retreive large amounts of data for transactions. Later, databases evolved to provide another equally important function: being able to assist businesses and professionals to make informed business decisions by analyzing the mountains of info, and using this for managment reporting and marketing!

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