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Using Excel Instead Of A Database? Part 2

Skip ahead a few months or a year later and those same Excel spreadsheets have now become a burden to the company. Many different versions are being passed around. No one knows who has the most up-to-date files saved on their computer. The data management process has evolved, making the spreadsheets so complex that the person who works on it the most "personalizes" it and then becomes the an facto "expert" - it's like a personal filing system, where only one person knows where the important information is kept.

It is now nearly impossible to generate reports from the spreadsheets or track current and historical data. The data is also not searchable since Excel does not function well as a database. Yes, you can filter the information, but it is very unweildy and the chance of accidentally changing or contaminating your crucial data is very high - and the list goes on and on with all the limitations.

Custom In-House software solutions provide business professionals with the same benefits they seek with Excel - ease of use, easy to share the same info, accuracy, timeliness - and no "Expert", so if the expert's away it won't cripple the business.

Excel is best for what it was designed to do - accounting and financial calculations. Yes, Custom In-House softwtware is more expensive than an excel user license, but if having you and your employees being able to enter, access, and report on your data in a simple, accurate, and timely manner is important, then your custom software pays for itself very quickly - and gives you a fantastic edge over your competition who is still using Excel!!

Andy's DB Help! Has Helped Many Toronto Businesses Transition From Excel To Microsoft Access Database Software Or Database Solutions Using SQL Server.
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