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Minerva Manager Talent Agent And Booking Agency Contract Software Is A Program You Use For Entertainment Scheduling And Contract Management, Which Helps Manage All Of Your Contract Info, Which Can Be Used By Single Or Multiple Users!!

The Agents Wanted A Simple, Easy To Use Program For Contract Management And Scheduling-Booking Database Where You Don't Need To Be Computer Expert To Effectively Manage The Info Related To Bookings, Contracts, Artists, Payroll, Purchasers, And Venues!

Minerva Is Available As A Monthly Subscription; You Connect, From Your Computer Via The Internet, To Our Secure Server. It Runs On A Secure Private Server, And Not As A Web Page, With All Your Data Potentially Open To The Public Or Your Competitors. Part Of This Security Means Minerva Will Only Accept Internet Connections From Computers Designated By You!

Minerva Combines The Power Of A Desktop Program With The Ease Of Using It Over The Internet. If You Have Windowx XP, You Already Have The Connection Software Installed. If Not, Minerva's Connection Software Installs From Two Floppy Disks - What Could Be Simpler?
Except For Your 1 Time Setup Fee, Microsoft License (Required), And Monthly Subscription Fee, Using Minerva Means You Will Never Have To Pay For Extra Computer Expenses - Ever!
- Click Here For A Complete Comparison Of Using Minerva Talent Agent Software Vs. Other Software!!

With Highspeed Internet Connections, Using Minerva Is Just Like She's Sitting Beside You. And, Minerva Even Runs Very Well Over The Internet With A Modem, For Those Clients Who Have Dialup Internet Accounts, And May Be Worried About The Speed And Response.

The Cost To Create Your Own Powerful But Easy To Use, In-House Entertainment Booking & Scheduling Software Program Would Cost $25,000++ Which Does Not Even Include Extra Hardware, Extra Software, Software & Networking Setup Costs - Complete List Click Here!!

The Cost To Use Minerva Is Less Than The Price Of A Couple Of "Lattes" Per Day!
Each Additional Account Is Less Than The Price Of A Couple Of Coffees Per Day!!

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