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Minerva Is The Greek Goddess Of "All The Arts" - Minerva Manager Talent Agent And Booking Agency Contract Software Is A Program You Use For Entertainment Scheduling And Contract Management - Contract Info At Your Fingertips!

Andy's PC Help! And Veteran Talent/Booking Agents Created Minerva, And If You Can Use A Bank Machine, then You Can Use Minerva To Effectively Manage All The Info Related To Your Bookings, Contracts, Artists, Payroll, Purchasers, And Venues!

With Minerva, Small to Medium Sized Talent and Booking Agencies Can Get All The Power Of The Software Used By Large Agencies, For Less Than The Cost Of 1 Hour Of Your Time - Or Even Your Assistant's Time - Per Day!
* Be Alerted If You Are Making A Double Booking!
* Run A Report Which Shows You Who Is Working - And Who Isn't - For A Date Range!
* See When Deposits Are Due, From Whom, And For How Much!
* Block Off Artists From Being Booked!
* Export Itineraries to MS Outlook Calendar!
These Are Just A Few Of The Benefits, Which Comes From Using Minerva To Manage Your Booking Info!

And If You Are An Entertainment Venue Or Any Business That Relies On Knowing Scheduled People-Places-Dates-Times and Money, Then You'll Find Mineva Indispensable For Keeping All Of Your Critical Information Timely, Accurate, And At Your Finger Tips!

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